Koothu is a remarkable art. Not only its origin dates back to more than two thousand years, but it stands as a symbol of our unique tradition. It can rightly be said as the valuable gift from our land to us. In the prevailing trend of commercialized entertainment, the once celebrated art forms like koothu(performing arts), Paavai koothu and bommalaatam have been left in despair. Nevertheless, the mother of fine arts still holds herself alive deeply engraved in these art forms. We must realize that it is only our ancient culture that can bring us an empathy towards fellow creatures, give us courage to fight back dominance and raise voice against suppression. Further, for a daily wage laborer, the joy of getting involved unconsciously and involuntarily can never be derived from any other pompous literary arts. For this reason, performing artists who live in the edge of society and succumbed to poverty, have joined hands to rejuvenate the endangered art with all their physical, monetary and heartfelt contribution. It is our duty to appreciate our brothers, give them recognition among the society that is clad with spiteful politics and also raise their standard of living. By improving the artists' life we can be sure that our very own ancient arts are revived and that the future generations are handed over with heritage that is uncompromising and unaffected. "The Kalari Tholkalaigal and Kalaingargal Membaadu Sangam" which strives for the aforementioned activities for over five years is now set forth to start a training school for koothu, paavai koothu and bommalaatam in the Yervadi town of Salem District. The initial work have been started. Huge financial demand is on its way. I request all my beloved friends to contribute some money towards the development of this project.

Mu. Harikrishnan.

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